Monday, November 28, 2011

It's a boy! Baby weighs 8 oz. now and both baby and mommy are healthy and that is all that matters!

Trying Again

Now that I'm ready to start blogging again, I keep losing internet connection. Windstream has been to my house every week for the past month. He really has! As if that isn't enough, I find out yesterday during his weekly visit that they have finally found the problem and it will be two more weeks before they can fix it! I am trying so hard to keep my patience, but it is starting to run really thin!

Get to find out today what Sweet Pea will be. A boy or a girl!! So excited. I vote girl, but we will see.

I had a great Thanksgiving. It is always good when my family is around me. Then I got to go shopping with my favorite sister Saturday! We drew names after Thanksgiving dinner. I got my sisters name and she got mine. lol

All joking aside, I am very thankful for my sister. The Lord has brought her threw a lot and blesses her more everyday. I can't help but think of the song "Where Would I Go". How true the words are to this song. I just asked my sister this weekend what in the world would we do if it wasn't for the Lord?! How do people who are not saved make it without him in this world? I'm so glad I don't have to worry about that.

Have to get off of here and head to work. Hope everyone has a blessed day. May God bless you!


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hello To All!

Thought it was about time I posted on here. Been gone longer than I had planned on being. So much has happened since March 2011 since my last post. Let's see...where to start.

Well, we moved from the backwoods to the outskirts of a neighboring city and we love it! I am only minutes from work now instead of 30 minutes. I had been wanting to move for over 20 years and I finally go to! I am happy, happy, happy!

Then my car died and had to buy another vehicle, which I did not want to do. I had my car paid for and was enjoying no bank payment. I always drive my vehicles until they can't go no more. I want my money's worth! lol

We then added a brand spanking new son-n-law to the family and now Matt and my daughter Kelli are expecting their first child (which I have nick named Sweet Pea) and our first grandchild. We are all so excited! It will be the first grandchild for us and for Matt's family also, and the first great granchild for my parents and Matt's grandparents. We will get to find out whether we have a boy or a girl on November 28th. Next Christmas at this time we will have a beautiful grandbaby to spoil and share it with.

I guess that is the major changes that have went on in my life. Oh yeah, I broke down and done something I said I would never do. I bought a dog. Her name is Bella and she is a Bischon Frise. She is four months old and hyper, hyper, hyper! But can turn around and be the sweetest thing. She is great company for me. I will try and post pictures as soon as I can.

Hope everyone is doing fine. Have a great evening!