Wednesday, August 5, 2009

No Electric!

That's right. No electricty. I am at work posting this.

I came to work without a bath and dirty hair. Yuck!! I washed off with baby wipes this morning. Better than nothing huh? We had some pretty rough storms in our area last night but my family and I are very thankful to the Lord that besides yards full of leaves, limbs and trees we were not hurt and we still have our homes.

My dad called the electric company and they have around 800 without electric as of this morning and do not know when we will get service again. So....going after work today to get ice for coolers and lots of garbage bags and clean out my fridge. (I just can't stand the thought of throwing away food!!) Hopefully with the generator that my father has borrowed, we will be able to keep all of our garden stuff in our deep freezers.

Not sure when I will be able to talk to you again. Have a great week!

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  1. Oh no, no electricity is no good! Thank God you are safe : )
    We have been having that on our island too lately with our problem being the overload of A/C consumption in some far we have been lucky and please God we will not be hit as for those who have experienced this, you can imagine especially senior citizens living alone. Thank God it only lasts a few hours.
    I do hope your problem is resolved soon.


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