Monday, February 22, 2010

Snow Days

Riley waiting for me to put his sweater on so he can go outside in the snow.

Coat on and ready to go. For some reason everytime I point a camera at him he turns his head!

This was the view from my front porch a few weeks ago. Thank the good Lord I can finally see grass!

There used to be a road under all that snow!

Hey, am I fashionable or what? Jogging pants and boots.

Hubby has sure got to shovel lots of snow here lately.

After playing in the snow, Riley is ready for a nap. Only problem is, he is laying on my pillows and covered up with my blanket!

Hubby resting after all that snow shoveling. (Notice there is no picture of me resting. Just in case you didn't notice. lol)

Anyway, hope the white stuffs stays away until next year at least.


  1. Riley reminds me of my weiner dog. She always gets her way when it comes to the pillows and blankets. Love the pics of the snow too. Hopefully spring will be here soon.

  2. Hi Tammi, I really enjoyed seeing your snow pictures, so beautiful...made me think of the time we lived in Canada : )
    Glad you stopped by my blog, I have finally started posting again...thanks for your kind comments especially about my Christmas Craft Fair.


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