Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Here I Go Again!

In December 2009 I made lifetime doing Weight Watchers. You'd think after all that hard work that I would not want to have to do all that again wouldn't you? Well, as of January 3, 2011 I again find myself back at WW. I only needed to loose about 7 more lbs. (I have already lost 3.6) to get back to my goal that I set in 2009 but I would like to loose more this time so....I need to loose 14.4 more lbs. to be at a new goal.

I will be posting each week the amount of weight I have lost so you can help me be accountable!

Wish me luck!


  1. Tammi, Found your blog through Apron strings and things. I too, am finding myself having to take a look at my weight. If only I had only 7 lbs to loose. I have about 35 to loose. I look forward to checking out a fellow Ky blog. I hope you will come by and check out my blog too. Blessings with our weight lose. Sounds as if you already have a wonderful start. Have a joyous and blessed day!


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