Monday, July 13, 2009

Back to Work!

Not much time to post here lately nor try new recipes. I have been canning beans this past weekend and sauerkraut. I have more beans to do today. I love stringing and breaking the beans I just don't like the canning part but oh well. lol

I go for my second cake decorating class tonight. I am really excited but this has run into more expense than I had origanlly thought it would. My cake is baked so as soon as sissy wakes up I will fix my icing so I can get it on my cake and then make extra to take tonight for the decorating part. I am a little nervous since I had such a horrible dream about this class the other night. (lol) I sure hope this dream doesn't come true! lol

Gotta go get dressed and get my day started. Hope everyone has a great one!

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