Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hump Day Chatter

Yes, it is not only hump day but church night also which means it will be a busy day! For some reason last night, I still had lots of energy (this never happens) and was not sleepy at bedtime. I sure didn't feel that way this morning though when my hubby woke me up to tell me it was time to get up. lol

So, since I do not have much to blog about today I decided to do something different. I have saw different versions on other ladies blogs so I will do something similar just to have something to post. Sad isn't it?

What am I looking forward to today?
Church service tonight. I am going to be teaching the girls in Gem club since their regular teacher will be out of town.

What book am I reading?
The Bible. I have been reading the Foxfire series.

On the menu for tonight?
Sissy has asked for me to fix vegetable soup so, vegetable soup it is.

In the craft basket?
A baby afghan for a friend at church and...

A dog afghan. I had nothing to crochet one day and wanted to crochet something using my leftover yarn.

Crafts I have procrastinated on:

The above apron which I started several weeks ago but have not had the time to work on it anymore. With my mother's help, maybe I can learn to sew!!

I am determined to work on this cardmaker kit this weekend!

My goal for this week:

To begin my exercises again and stick with it this time!

Lesson Learned This Week:

To talk less and listen more.

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