Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Poor Man's Meal

I found the sweetest lady on U-Tube several weeks ago. Her name is Clara and she is 94 years old. She does cooking segments with recipes that she prepared during the depression. She is such a funny and sweet lady. Below is one of her recipes that I thought I would try. We all enjoyed this including my parents.

Potatoes, diced
Hot dogs, cut up
Oil for frying
Onion, chopped

Fry potatoes in skillet until they are almost done. I added my onions after my potatoes had cooked a bit. Add cut up hot dogs and put the lid back on the skillet to cook the hot dogs.

I know this is not a very detailed recipe but maybe I can find her web site again now that I have my computer back and post it so you can watch her cook this up herself.

Although I placed this recipe in my lables under side dishes, we made a meal out of this with some cornbread.

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  1. go to youtube and put in clara depression cooking (it is epsiode 3)

    I just finished making it and the kids love it!


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