Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tuesday Chatter

Wow! I did not realize it had been a whole week since I had last posted. Where in the world did my week go?

Nothing much is happening on my hill. I did manage to clean another piled up closet out yesterday. I threw away 2 garbage bags full and have 3 bags to take to Good Will. I am just so proud of myself. Everything has been placed back in the closet in storage bins and labeled!

I have found several things that I had either lost or just forgot that I had. For instance, I found a cookie press, brand new, never opened! I sure wish I had of had that all those recipes ago when I passed up recipes because I didn't have a cookie press. Ya just never know what is hiding in all those closet corners.

Anyway, I am at work today, wishing I was back home cleaning some more. I just do not know what has gotten into me here lately. Those junky closets are just driving me insane! Help!

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