Sunday, April 5, 2009

Grocery Shopping Update

I forgot to let you all know how switching my grocery day to Monday went. A complete flop!! For more reasons than not, shopping on Monday's just flopped so, I guess I am back to either Friday nights or Saturday afternoons.

Ok, on my soap box here. I went to Kroger's yesterday afternoon to get the sale items. All I had was 5 bags of sweet corn, a turkey, toilet paper and paper towel. I got in line behind a woman who not only spent $293.00 in groceries but who was talking to another lady while she was putting her groceries up to be checked out. Let's just say she was more interested in talking than checking out much to my frustration and those behind me. The cashier would actually have to stand and wait on her to put her groceries on the conveyer belt. I wanted to put the groceries up for her so bad I couldn't stand it. lol

The express line was lined up and the only reason I got behind her was I saw she was almost finished. She would have been if she hadn't kept stopping to talk!

The above is a great example of why I like going early in the morning. I am get in and get out quickly.

I will stop fussing now. Have a great Sunday!

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