Thursday, April 23, 2009

Help Wanted!!

Have you ever just wanted to tape a sign like this to your front door or window like they do in businesses when you become so overwhelmed with housework? Well I am there today! I have dishes in my sink to wash and by the way, have I mentioned how I hate coming home from work with dirty dishes in my sink? No matter how few they may be, I like to start my supper with a clean slate so to speak.

I am also behind in my laundry which is something I rarely ever do. I have maybe 3 loads at the most but for me that is a lot because I always do laundry every day. I like to hang my clothes on the clothes line if I can and save electric so, the sunshine has arrived so clothesline here I come!

My floors need swept and my rugs need to be shook, need I bore you with more? I don't think so. I have got to get with it! I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon. Since I am the last appointment I am hoping to get out quickly, get home, cook supper, and start on all my house work.

All willing participants who want to help can email me. lol

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  1. Hey Tammi! I think we got on the same train. You just described my life to the letter. LOL
    I just did my dishes though. Thank the Lord for dishwashers. Tell you come help me and I'll come help you. :)


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