Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Skillet Potatoes With Bacon & Cheddar
The link above is where you can go to view a video of this recipe.

One of the many things that my sister and I have in common is the love for potatoes. I remember going through a notebook of recipes that she wanted to try one day that she had written down, and most of them was for a potato dish. It was like looking at my own notebook except my laptop now. I am in the process of getting all my recipes on my computer and get rid of some of all these notebooks and papers I have! Anyways, I found this recipe on Kraft Foods the other day.

Now, I made mine a little different, of course, so the recipe below is how I fixed mine. First of all the potatoes I used were some leftover baked potatoes I had from supper so, not wanting to waste them I just sliced them up and used them. I sliced mine a little thicker than the recipe called for since they were already cooked.

Then, I cooked 2 slices of bacon in a skillet until crisp and then crumbled it up.

I then placed them in the same skillet that I cooked my bacon in using the bacon drippings and just warmed them up (remember the potatoes were already done) and browned them a little.

Once they were warmed up, I sprinkled shredded cheddar cheese on them, my crumbled bacon and some chopped green onions. Put the lid back on until the cheese melted.

I had asked Eugene before I started this if he wanted any and he said, "no". Well, knowing him, I prepared enough for him anyway. When I finished cooking the potatoes he made a comment on something smelling really good. I took my skillet to him and showed him what I had been cooking, he then wanted some! He loved them and I sure did. Out of 5, I give this a 5+!

The finished product.

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  1. Hello Tammi,

    I fixed this last night and it was yummy.



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