Saturday, February 12, 2011

2 Week Menu

Fixing a two week menu was harder than I thought it was going to be, but maybe not like you are thinking. I had no trouble at all coming up with the menu ideas. The problem was I kept changing my mind!! As I was going through my recipes I kept changing and changing, erasing and erasing. They just all looked so good!I finally decided I was going to have to stop changing and settle for what I had on paper! lol

Here goes, in not any particular order. This is just what I have on the menu to fix for the next 2 weeks.

1. Speghetti and meatballs, salad, garlic toast.
2. Potato Soup, cornbread.
3. Pigs-n-a-blanket, mashed potatoes, green beans.
4. Hamburger goulash, mashed potatoes, corn, cornbread.
5. Open face turkey sandwiches, potatoes,cole slaw, corn.
6. Pizza, salad, chicken wings with homemade ranch dressing.
7. Fried chicken and chicken livers, green beans, cole slaw, mashed potatoes,
homemade biscuits and macc-n-cheese.
8. Onion Chopped Steak with Easy gravy, mashed potatoes, asparagus,cornbread,
homemade Italian Parker House rolls.
9. Salmon patties, fried potatoes, greens, cornbread.
10. Grilled chicken breasts, baked potatoes, salad, rolls.
11. Hamburgers, homemade french fries.
12. Pork chops and gravy, potatoes, beans or corn, rolls, and macc-n-cheese.
13. Vegetable soup, cornbread.

I will be posting tomorrow my grocery store items and how I did on the cost.

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