Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Snowy Tuesday

Yes you heard me right. Another snow on the ground. I so long for the days when I wake up and the sun is rising. It just does my body good. lol

Due to the rising gas prices I feel I need to start doing a two week menu and go every two weeks to grocery shop instead of every week like I do now. I tried the every other week thing once before and didn't like it because it seemed all the good sales was on the week I didn't go to the grocery store but I have no choice now so I am going to give it another try. Of course this includes only going to Wal Mart every other week also (which is about 30 miles from my home). Boo! Hoo! I have to keep telling myself this will save me money!! Ya know, it's sad when going to Wal Mart every weekend is the highlight of ones life. lol

I tried to spend only $80.00 on groceries and household goods last week but couldn't do it. I spent around $98.00. I am trying to find a good number for my budget that I can live with comfortably. My husband is a meat, potatoes and corn bread man. Messing with his food is NOT where I want to go! lol

I will share my menu once I have it down on paper and how I do at the grocery stores this week.

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Tammi, here in Eastern Ky, WalMart is about all there is too. I understand completely! I wish I could work out a menu and have the discipline to spend only $98.00 for food. Hats off to you girl....way to go! I look forward to seeing that menu. Blessings!


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