Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snowed In, Again

I have spent my day at home instead of work. I was not able or willing I should say to slide off my mountain to go to work. I haven't felt good anyway so I guess it was a blessing I could stay home and lay around.

I got a few rooms cleaned. Took me forever though. I would rest a while and work a while. I sure hope I feel much better tomorrow.

I have been in the process for many months trying to gather all my recipes together and finally accomplished that today while I was home. Now, just getting them typed in on my computer. I am such a paper pack rat!! You just have no idea. So, as a way to help cut down on my a lot of the paper I have stashed everywhere, I am going to type my recipes up on my computer but, the most important thing is to make sure I back them up! Been there, done that.

I am also crocheting an afghan for Matt (dds boyfriend) using camaflouge yarn. I made my son an afghan so now it is Matt's turn. I will post pictures when I feel better.

I must go. I have an appointment with the tax lady tomorrow and need to finish up the information I need to take with me. I really dread this so, so bad!! All I can say is, "Lord help us!" lol

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  1. Tammi, I am dreading all the tax stuff too. I yours and ours goes well. I guess I will do my on my own this year. I am glad you had a day at home..sounds as if you worked as hard as going to work. I know it is good to get things accomplished at home. Blessings!


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