Saturday, February 12, 2011

Grocery List

I went to 4 stores. 3 in my hometown and 1 not. The only deal on found on meat this week was at Save-A-Lot on chicken breasts. It was .99 lb. so I bought 2 packages although I just needed one.

At Save-A-Lot

Milk/1 gal. $2.89
Frozen garlic bread $1.99 (Two meals)
Whole chicken (.99 lb.) $4.63
2 Supreme Pizzas $4.58
Chicken breast (2 pkgs.) $6.76
Idaho potatoes (10 lb.) $3.99
Onion Soup Mix .79
White Lily Flour (5 lb.) 1.99
Shredded Sharp Cheddar Cheese $2.69
Buttermilk Biscuits (5) $2.50
Cream of Mushroom soup .59
Yellow Mustard .69
Yellow Onions (3 lb.) $2.29
1 head lettuce $1.39
Canned greens (2) $1.38
Tomato Juice $1.39
Egg Substitute (4) $5.96
Sugar Free Grape Jelly $1.69
Dog Biscuits $1.29
Country ham slices $9.98 (Breakfast every day for 2 wks.)
Canned diced tomatoes .65
Vegetable shortening $3.49
Celery $1.29
5 lb. Granny Smith Apples $3.00 (OMG!! I just now realized I bought the wrong kind!!)
Fishers Weiners $1.49
Cabbage $1.66
TOTAL $71.04

My husband bought his lunch snacks at the Dollar Store for a total of $6.12 for 6 items. (I won't bore you with these items as if you are not already. lol)

At IGA I bought:
Chicken wings $5.92 (2 meals)
Hamburger $6.48 (at $2.41 this sure wasn't even close to a sell!!)

TOTAL $12.40

At Wal-Mart I bought:
Peanut butter $2.48
Ham lunchmeat $3.98 (Husbands lunch)
Fiber One Bars $2.42 (But I had a .50 coupon)
Rolls $1.98
Dog Treats $3.33
Mountain Dew $4.38 (for my husband, I drink water)
Hogie Buns (husband's lunch) $2.48
Loaf of bread $1.18
Margarine .88
Vitamins (me!) $5.00 (but I had a $1.00 coupon)
Roast beef lunchmeat (husband's lunch) $3.98

TOTAL $31.35

So my total spent for two weeks of groceris was $114.79! I thought I done pretty darn good. Now I will have to go back on Friday to buy a few more things such as milk and bread that I do not have room to buy and freeze up but I think it is still pretty good.

As far as the coupons go, I saved $1.50 by using coupons. Not a lot but better in my bank account than the grocery stores!

What do you think?


  1. I think that was amazing..114.00 for 2 weeks of go girl! Pray for me I am starting to cut down this week and eat right,. No sweets and very little diet pop. I will need prayers. Blessings!

  2. Hi Tammi, how sweet of you to come by my blog and leave a message. I don't know if you knew from my sister's blog that our Mum passed to eternal life on the 12th Jan, I miss her so but I know that she is in a better place and painfree and enjoying Jesus whom she loved and praised so much!
    What amazing prices, great shopping there Tammi, we would need to spend lots more on the same list here!
    Hope to get back to blogging soon, thanks again for keeping in touch.
    Blessings and Hugs,

  3. Go Patty. I am going to start my exercies again this week and try to get back on the wagon. You can do it. I have faith in ya, and I will be praying for ya.
    Doreen, yes I saw where your mother had passed away and I am so sorry. Just wanted you to know that you were missed.

  4. Nice job Tammi! Many people spend that much in one week so looks like you had a buy one get one week free kind of grocery trip. :-)

  5. Thanks Norma. I am sure I will not get by that easy everyweek!!

  6. $114 for two weeks is great!
    It's so hard now a days to get very much for even $50. That's like 2 plastic grocery bags full.
    I too try to shop around sales and use coupons. I usually make one big grocery trip per month which includes 3-4 different stores and then grab milk and bread as we need it.
    It definitely saves us some money shopping that way.


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