Monday, February 28, 2011

Grocery Shopping

My grocery trip this week was a bit more expensive. Although I said I was going to only shop for 1 wk. at a time now, well, there was some good meat sales that I could not pass up so I bought extra for my menu next week. I spent a total of $211.00 and saved $29.99 by using store cards and coupons. So my total was actually $181.01. My best deals was getting my favorite deodrant for only .25 and getting 3 Dawn dishwashing detergents for free! Can't beat that! I also bought a Febreeze refill (which was on sale) and got the warmer for free.
I bought extra items that I had coupons for that just happened to be on sale this week. I now have enough paper towels to do me literally for 6 months and dog food, deodrant, Dawn, and toothpaste! Of course, Rite Aid was already out of the Downy and the Advil that was on sale by the time I got there.

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