Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday Chatter

How was everyone's weekend? I have had a great one. I went shopping on Saturday and just took my time and looked. I went to Hobby Lobby and found some great deals. That is always a good thing. I could just look around in that store forever.

I also went to my sisters this weekend. Oh if I could just get brave enough to post a picture on here of her. It is so tempting!! She looked at my camera with her tongue stuck out and her eyes crossed. Such a lovely picture!! lol I am not that brave though. I fear the pay back.

Went to church on Sunday and took a nap before the evening service. Got home from church that evening and Riley was sick and seems to still be sick this morning. He got stung on the foot yesterday so I am wondering if maybe it was from that because he was fine until that happened.

It so so hot and humid here today and expecting a small chance of rain but nontheless, I have hung my laundry out today.

I have three strips of my afghan put together. I would have had it finished but smart me crocheted the fourth strip with the colors in the wrong order so I have to recrochet that strip.

Instead of the boy afghan, I have decided to make the same pattern but for a lady in our church who is expecting next month. She is having a girl but doesn't want pink so I am going to do it in a soft green. I will post pictures as it progresses.

Off to finish cleaning my house and hanging laundry out. Have a great Monday!

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