Wednesday, June 24, 2009

This and That

I am moving slow this morning. We are having VBS at church this week and after working all day and then working VBS at night, my health really gets me down fast. Faster than I would like.

I sure wish I had a stronger heart so I wouldn't tire so darn easy! It is just so frustrating!! My heart rate is not very good this morning, despite already having my medication, my chest feels like a concrete truck is sitting on it and I just can't seem to get enough oxygen in this morning. With the Lord's help though I will make it through I am sure. Ok, time to quit whinning and move on.

This is a Lily plant that my son and his wife gave me for mother's day. Isn't it just beautiful? I love the deep red.

I just love this rose bush in my front yard. My husband has wanted to cut it down several times but I have talked him out of it everytime. (One day my luck will run out I am sure!) How could you cut something down that has such beautiful blooms? Just because the thorns stick him everytime he mowes around it just doesn't seem like a good excuse to me!! lol Besides, my mnl always loved this rose bush and I just can't get rid of it. Everytime I look at the beautiful blooms I think of her and how she always committed on the beautiful dark pink blooms. She has gone to heaven now and we all miss her very much!!

I guess I need to get off,cook my breakfast and start my day. I hope everyone has a great Wednesday!

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  1. Hi Tammi, you've captured those beautiful flowers so nicely.
    Here's a quote to share...
    'Can we conceive what humanity would be if it did not know the flowers?' ~Maurice Maeterlinck
    Have a great week : )


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