Monday, February 9, 2009

100 Things About Me

I always enjoy reading these on other blogs so I thought I would do this on my own.

1. I was saved at the age of 13.
2. I am an Independent Baptist and KJV Bible only!
3. I love going to church.
4. I am employed as church secretary.
5. I am the oldest of one brother and one sister.
6. I love pencils and paper. (Weird I know.)
7. I am addicted to my computer and email.
8. I make a menu every week and make my grocery list from my menu and have done
this for years.
9. I love cats but cannot have them due to allergies.
10. I love to cook and make things to give to others.
11. Letting go of my kids has been harder than I thought it would be.
12. I am a list person.
13. I love to organize anything.
14. I like to read the Bible and books.
15. I like popcorn as an evening snack.
16. I do not like having my picture taken because I always look fat.
17. I like my house clean but I hate to do it.
18. I am not an outdoors person.
19. My favorite TV shows are The Duggars, Big World, Andy Griffith,
Masterminds, Swamp People, Ax Men and 48 Hours.
20. I would love to travel out West.
21. I cut my dryer sheets in half to make them last twice as long. They still do the
job so why not?
22. I have to have my bed made everyday. I can't stand to sleep in an unmade bed.
23. My timer is my best friend.
24. I love cooking and having family and friends over to my house.
25. I like to send cards to people.
26. I cook breakfast every morning. Usually bacon or sausage, eggs and toast. Sunday
mornings I fix gravy and biscuits with this for my husband.
27. I husband and I have an empty nest now.
28. I like Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls. (Stems from my childhood.)
29. I very frequently move the furniture around in my rooms. I purchased a set of "Sliders" several years ago. They are the trick! You could move a mountain!
30. I LOVE salt.
31. When I hear or see an ambulance, I always say a prayer for whom ever is inside or
will be inside.
32. I am a morning person.
33. If I drive longer than 45 minutes I get way to sleepy.
34. I hate to drive. I do not mind riding though.
35. I would love to move from where I live now.
36. I wish I could cook as good as my mom does.
37. I really enjoy stringing, breaking and canning beans.
38. I am afraid of dentist!
39. I can get lost in a book or a bookstore.
40. I have read my Bible through for the last two years. I have started on my third
the first of January of this year.
41. I hate being late.
42. I do not like coffee but I love to smell of it.
43. I was having trouble coming up with things when I first started, but, now I can't
quit. Help!!
44. I like to talk.
45. I hate for my feet to get wet when it rains.
46. I dislike politics.
47. I get carsick if I do not ride up front.
48. I love the zoo.
49. My favorite animal there is the elephant.
50. I would like to pet every animal there. Yes, even the snake. Ok, maybe not the
51. My hair is thick and grows fast.
52. I am a pack rat. I am working on not being though.
53. I love deep fried foods.
54. I love to look at the sky. (My daughter always rolls her eyes at me when I make
a comment on how beautiful the sky is.)
55. My favorite color is lime green.
56. I like things with frogs on them.
57. I love mild salsa.
58. I do not like hot and spicy foods.
59. I cannot decorate worth a lick.
60. I love cheese fries.
61. Hate is such a strong word, but, I hate westerns! lol Not good when your husband
loves them as much as I hate them.
62. My favorite season is spring.
63. My favorite meat is chicken.
64. My favorite vegetable is potatoes and tomatoes.
65. My favorite fruit is watermelon.
66. My favorite snack is anything. lol I like ice cream, fruit and as I said before,
67. I also love pickles.
68. My favorite drink is Diet Rite caffeine free Tangerine pop or grape flavored
69. I always wear a watch.
70. I have always wanted to learn how to decorate cakes.
71. My biggest fear in life has always been that one of my kids would be die before
72. I am not always able to, but, I try to do something good for someone at least
once a week.
73. I strive to be a better person today than I was yesterday.
74. I love to hang clothes on the line.
75. Both my parents are still living.
76. I met my husband at a Tasty Freeze in my small town when I was 17.
77. My husband and I went to the same small school and never knew each other. We
do not even remember seeing each other!
78. My husband and I met in October of 1982, engaged by December 25, married the
next April 22nd!
79. I am terrified of mice.
80. I love hearing wind chimes. I have two on my front porch.
81. I have always lived in the country.
82. I do at least a load of laundry everyday. I cannot stand for laundry to be in
the basket.
83. I love cookbooks. Last count was 189. I have since been trying to go through
these and give some away.
84. I love trying new recipes.
85. My favorite thing to wear is a shirt, loose skirt and sandals. Oh how I miss my
86. I like to sit toward the front at church. My husband is the opposite.
87. Ok, I am struggling getting to 100 here.
88. I like to mow the yard as long as I have a riding lawn mower with breaks!
This is a story for another time.
89. I am a kitchen gadget addict.
90. I love my dishwasher.
91. I always fold and put my laundry away as soon as it comes out of the dryer.
92. I have always had a great interest in the Amish life style.
93. I really wish I could learn to make candy with a candy thermometer.
94. I do not like taking the time to get my hair cut.
95. I never have enough time in my day.
96. I love plastic containers.
97. I have always had a soft spot in my heart for the elderly.
98. I always seem to have a closet that needs cleaned out.
99. My husband and I save our change and put the money toward a treat for us.
100. I can't believe I finally made it!!

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  1. WOW that list was very interesting and inspiring, by the way I love your blog and also your picture.


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