Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Poor Toe!!

As I was putting my dishes away last night after supper, I opened up a cabinet door next to my wall. I opened it to hard and knocked this clock off of the wall.

Now this clock has lived a hard life since moving into my kitchen. He lost his leg not long after moving in. His leg used to swing back and forth as the clock ticked. I just loved this clock.

Sissy was doing the same thing at the time that I was doing last night. She opened the cabinet door to far and hard and knocked him off and broke the hanger that is on the back of the clock that the leg hung from. So, he has been leggless since.

He didn't lose any limbs last night but I sure thought I had! He landed on my toe and I thought sure my toe was broken! There was so much blood that my hubby kept telling me as he was trying to stop the bleeding that I had lost my toe nail. What a great comfort those words were while I was in all my pain. Between the throbbing and him warning me that my toenail was just hanging, all I could think of was what in the world am I going to do with a hanging toenail!! lol

Once he got the bleeding stopped though, my toenail is still there but the the part of the toe beside my nail has a big gash. It is still bleeding this morning but I think I will live.

I think I best be moving me a clock!! (Ya think he is saying,"Payback time?")


  1. OH THAT HAD TO HURT!!!!!!

  2. He was trying to take off your leg too!

  3. Ya know, I hadn't thought about that. That's funny! lol


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